Self-Defence Workshops

The Community Safety Office is pleased to offer self-defence workshops throughout the year for University of Toronto community members.  

The purpose of these workshops is to offer community members an opportunity for empowerment, engagement, and connection while taking steps to learn or develop skills in keeping themselves aware and alert to potential harm.

Some of the self-defence workshops that are available through the Community Safety Office:


Wen-Do is a program designed for women by women.  Techniques are designed for women of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  A combination of discussion, with practical physical skills results in an integration of mental and physical preparedness.

Acts of Resistance

Acts of Resistance is a program for LGBTQ community members to heighten their sense of self-trust and awareness of their environment.  This workshop offers participants an opportunity to discuss personal safety issues and to practice easy to learn, easy to remember self-defence techniques.  The workshop reinforces the positive aspects of the way participants confront the threat of fear and violence in their lives.

The Community Safety Office may also be able to provide assistance for specialized self-defence workshops, for example, workshops that are geared toward the LGBTQ+ community or for persons with physical accessibility requirements.

Please click here if you are interested in offering a Wen-Do workshop for your group or department.

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